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Dear relations of meervilt!

As of 25 March 2019 De Witte Engel will take over the activities of meervilt! Below you can read more about the backgrounds of this step. We will add to and update this information from time to time in the near future, because several things are not yet known.

Maria van der Veen & Luc Last

De Witte Engel takes over meervilt!

On December 7, the acquisition agreement was signed.
From left to right: Maria van der Veen, Meilon van Abs, Luc Last and Katri Sten.

2019 will be a year of change for meervilt!

At the beginning of 2018 it became clear that we could not reach an agreement with the landlord of our business premises in Haarlem on the renewal of the lease. This should be extended by five years from 1 April 2019. However, we did not want to commit ourselves for such a long period of time to a rent that was too high for a building that was too large and unpractical and at a location that was becoming increasingly difficult to reach for the freight transport that we need on a daily basis.


At the same time, we saw from various colleagues and suppliers at home and abroad that finding successors who want to continue the company only worked after a long time, if at all. Because our age is starting to count a bit, we decided to look for opportunities early on to ensure the continued existence of our company for our customers, workshop teachers and suppliers in the long term.


We encountered several possibilities. At an early stage a surprising and very appropriate opportunity presented itself: the new, young owners of one of our suppliers, De Witte Engel, turned out to be interested in a takeover of meervilt!

De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel is a well-known name in the hobby and textile world. The company is a specialized wholesaler in felt, fabrics, wool and other textile products. Traditionally mainly for making dolls, but nowadays also for other applications. They sell these products to retailers in the Netherlands and other countries, also outside Europe. They are located on the island of Texel and they also have their own shop there.

Rejuvenating, renewing, expanding

Meilon van Abs and his girlfriend Katri Sten recently took over De Witte Engel from the parents of Meilon, Jeannet and Edzard van Abs, the founders of the company. They will continue the family business and, while maintaining all the good things, will rejuvenate, renew and expand De Witte Engel in the coming years. In addition to the wholesale trade, they will focus on the private hobbyist, artists, education and small craft companies. Many of these are already customers of meervilt! With our great reputation in the wool and felt world and the experience with our webshop, we make an excellent addition to De Witte Engel.

De Witte Engel takes over meervilt!

Katri and Meilon, Maria and Luc, celebrating the takeover.

Moving to Texel

De Witte Engel has spacious business premises, where meervilt! fits easily. In the first quarter of 2019 we will therefore solve the housing problem by moving to Texel. The current team will take care of a seamless transfer, but will not move to Texel. After the induction period, meervilt! will operate from Den Burg.


Meilon and Katri are a full generation younger than we are. For this reason alone, we believe that they will be better able to reach and inspire younger textile lovers. And that is ultimately indispensable for the future of our profession. For example, we miss interest in modern social media. We hardly know how to reach Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers, nor do we really have the desire to do so. That will certainly change. But don’t worry: Meilon grew up in the company that his parents founded and he also knows how to appreciate traditions.


Many things will remain the same. The name meervilt! will continue to exist. You will still be able to visit the webshop at www.meervilt.nl. However, this shop will (finally!) be renewed next year and will then be part of the new website that is currently being built for De Witte Engel. Then there will be a sorely missed search function, you will be able to better view the website on your phone or tablet, you will be able to create an account (but not required), and wholesalers will be able to log in and see adjusted prices.

You will encounter meervilt! as always at wool and textile markets, but also at trade fairs such as the H+H in Cologne. Several of our workshop teachers will continue to share their knowledge on felt in a new format. And…. you will soon see new faces at meervilt!

Expanding activities

De Witte Engel delivers to customers in more than 25 countries and using this international experience, meervilt! will also focus more on foreign markets. The new website will therefore also become multilingual. Of course the range of meervilt! will be expanded with products from De Witte Engel. And the reverse will also occur. Some products, like the wool felt and the Big Wool supplies for XXL knitting, will have their own department on the website. You will then be able to take your virtual shopping cart directly to this and other new departments. That means: many more different products under one roof. This way we will be part of a broad creative platform!

With the takeover by De Witte Engel and a young generation of textile enthusiasts who are taking the lead, a new and promising era for meervilt! is dawning! We ourselves will be saying goodbye without hesitation to the company we have built up in almost ten years. Because with the takeover by De Witte Engel we have found worthy and especially nice successors. We’re sure that our customers, workhop teachers, suppliers, colleagues, and all the wool and felt enthusiasts we’ve come to know in those years will appreciate the new meervilt! just as much, or even more.

Maria van der Veen
Luc Last

and the team of meervilt!

Monique van der Kamp
Jolanda van Diepen
Marsijah van Everdingen
Peter van der Klugt
Joost Uijtenhoorn

Questions and answers

A takeover may raise many questions. We try to answer the most common questions below as well as possible. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to call or mail us.

When will meervilt! move to Texel?

At this moment we do not know exactly. We are still planning. Our building in Haarlem must be empty by 1 April. But perhaps we will be relocating a few weeks earlier.

At what time is the acquisition a fact?

The transfer will be official on 25 March 2019.

What are the new address details?

Wezenland 1
1791 AZ Den Burg (Texel)
E-mail: winkel@meervilt.nl (unchanged)
Website: www.meervilt.nl (unchanged)
Phone: 0222 31 36 44

The date of the relocation is not yet known
(see previous questions)

What will you do after the takeover?

We don’t know yet. Really not! Only after the transfer and relocation do we start thinking about that. Some employees already have another job, others are looking for something new. But you don’t have to worry about any of us ;-)

I would like to get to know each other/say goodbye personally.

You can find Meilon, Maria and Luc on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December at the meervilt! booth at the Midwinterwol in Winschoten.

Meilon, Katri, Maria and Luc will be jointly present at the booth of De Witte Engel & meervilt! at the H+H trade fair in Cologne from 29-31 March 2019.

Before or after that there will certainly be other occasions, but they are not planned yet.

I am a supplier of meervilt!
What does the takeover mean for me?

From 25 March 2019, your invoices will be paid from another bank account. Are you established in an EU country outside the Netherlands? Then you will have to state a different VAT number on your invoices. We will let you know which number it will be.

Is there any (felt) stuff left that you need to get rid of?

Almost all sales stock will be moved to Texel. A large part of the inventory too. Parts of the inventory that do not move to Texel will be put for sale in the shop in Haarlem and on Marktplaats.

Will meervilt! continue to organise felt workshops?

Sure! The plans for this are still being developed. You can be sure that there will be an interesting program.

Does there remain a possibility to see and feel your materials in real life?

The shop in Haarlem is closing. But you will soon be able to find our assortment in the store of De Witte Engel in Den Burg. You will also be able to meet us and see our products at markets and other events.

Will the delivery times of the meervilt! webstore be longer?

You might think so because we will be located on an island. But for most parcel carriers that doesn’t matter and we will continue to deliver as quickly as usual.

How can we reach the current owners
and/or employees of meervilt?

Until 25 March 2019 via winkel@meervilt.nl or telephone +31 (0)23 532 17 37. Maria and Luc can be personally mailed to maria@meervilt.nl and luc@meervilt.nl until 25 March 2019.

How can we reach the new owners of meervilt?

Meilon van Abs and Katri Sten can be reached by e-mail at meilon@witteengel.nl or katri@witteengel.nl or by telephone at +31 (0)222 31 36 44.

Will meervilt! need new employees?

If you like working on Texel in a (web)shop, make an appointment with Meilon of Abs or Katri Sten.

I still have a meervilt! gift voucher!

That’s good for you! You can just keep redeeming it for nice felt stuff. There is a validity date on the voucher, but it is only meant to encourage you to use it quickly. The validity is actually unlimited.

I have a discount scheme for meervilt!
Can I keep using it?

We will soon be using the administrative system of De Witte Engel. We do not yet know exactly whether we will be able to continue with the existing arrangements. If we cannot do so, we will certainly have an alternative scheme. We will keep you informed about this.

What happens to the business premises in Haarlem?

That will probably, with a higher rent, be rented to another company. Are you interested? More information can be found at Funda.

Will café De Lange Heer be able to survive?

Fortunately our local pub in Haarlem is not dependent on the occasional Friday afternoon drinks of meervilt! And we will probably keep coming along. After all, the current employees of meervilt will continue to live in the neighbourhood and we will of course organise a regular reunion.

What happens to…

We haven’t planned and discussed everything yet. Do you necessarily want to know now, maintenant, heute noch, anything? Call or mail us then.